Our premium brands

Sidaya Pharma has a strong portfolio of brands in 4 major categories: pregnancy tests, medical devices, food supplements and OTC products. Find out more about our star brands.


SureCheck is accurate, discreet and easy-to-use at any time of the day. Giving you the freedom to take the test wherever suits you best.

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Our brand portfolio includes SENDO, very well-known in our region and market leader in some countries. It’s innovative, reliable and easy to use blood pressure monitor.

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Maximally clean substance and ingredients plus ecological packaging with a minimal footprint on nature for the whole range of products.

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Nurofen provides rapid and accurate pain relief for everything from migraine-headaches to rheumatic pain.

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The most sold sore throat medicine in the world, Strepsils is trusted by millions to soothe and protect the throat. From formulations that relieve dryness and pain, through to triple action anti-inflammatory lozenges that help you fight through the symptoms of cold and flu.


Gaviscon’s unique formula creates a strong protective barrier in the stomach that helps keep acid down where it should be, leaving you to keep on with your day.